Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

Join the ViennaPHP Meetup at October 10th!

If you are in Vienna at October 10th, you should definitly check out the ViennaPHP Usergroup! We have set up a very cool meeting with some cool talks at a very new Coworking location and also got your drinks covered:

Beside me doing a mini-mini-talk on composer titled "Composer in 2 minutes" (which will tell you nothing you don't already know if you are familiar with composer but might wake your interest if not) we have Michael Klobutschar and Klaus Purer, organizers of the DrupalCamp Vienna 2013, who will talk about "Developing with Drupal". We also got Stefan Hupe who will do a small talk about " Debug messages and logging with monolog".

We were able to find some sponsors, which means free drinks and some nice surprises for everyone. We would like to gather more than 20 people and this seems reasonable looking at the RSVPs.

Hope to see you there!

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