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ViennaPHP Kickoff: 15.05.2013

I am proud to announce that I am the new organisator of the PHP Usergroup Vienna. I am taking the place of Michael Nitschinger, who organized the first drinkup last year. I hope to establish a regular meetup once a month with varying talks, nice people and interesting discussions.

Our first meetup will take place on 15th of May, 2013, at Metalab. The meeting will be held together with the symfony Usergroup and the Web Performance Usergroup and the first talk will be "assetics" held by myself. Of course everybody is invited to do talks (various length, mini-talks). If you have an interesting project, work with interesting technology or have some story to share, go ahead and hit me up.

You can find the group on meetup, get informations about the next meetups and RSVP. There is also a website at viennaphp.org, which is not up to date. I am trying to get the new content up and it should be finished soon.

After this general information, I would like to get into a few details.

The plan

As said, the plan is to have a monthly meeting of like-minded people, talks on various topics. I would like to get some companies hosting the meetup (Pizza and drinks included) to strengthen the relationship between the PHP community and the companies using PHP. I would also like to get companies doing talks on their projects.

My vision goes even further: Hosting Coder-Dojos, doing hackatons or hack days to work on various open source project, meeting for a drinkup or anything else what's fun. I'm totally open and think the community will decide what they want to do!

Better together

The first meetup is done together with the symfony Usergroup and the Web Performance Usergroup. The reason for this is that I think that the communities are close enough to benefit from each other. Both Usergroups are doing their meetings together for some time now and it's beeing working great. Most topics are interesting for the whole audience and the usergroups have more speakers and a greater audience.

There were some questions regarding this, including a "Why do we need yet another group for the same meetup". I can understand those and I would like to address them here once more: The most important topic is that by having a PHP Usergroup and meeting together, it's clear that the topics will be interesting for the whole PHP audience. There might be one talk about something symfony (or web performance) related, but there will also be at least one general PHP topic per meetup. By this we open up the audience to include all the PHP devs out there.

It's also important to notice that only because we meet with the symfony UG now doesn't mean this is forever. If the UG gets bigger and decides to do a meetup on their own, that's no problem. I also noted that this meetup is only the beginning. We could have a monthly meetup with the symfony UG and also have a hackaton every other month or so, if people would like that. To make this things possible, we need a UG which is a bit seperated from the symfony UG.

The community needs you

The next step is to get the word out to all the PHP devs in Vienna. Post on facebook and twitter (#viennaphp), send an email to friends and co-workers and scream it when you are at Mariahilfer Straße ;)

After that, make sure to come to the first meetup (15.05, 19:00, Metalab). Beside an assetics talk by me and a new format called "Group code review" we'll make sure to talk about the organization of the PHP UG and about next steps.

If you want to help the UG, here are a few more or less urgent tasks:
  • Logo: Nothing fancy, maybe the PHP Elephant with something recognizeable from Vienna
  • Website: The website is up on github so you can fork it and work on it. It has a twitter bootstrap layout and some text, nothing fancy.
  • Talks: We need talks. An introduction into some frameworks would be nice, but every other topic of interest for PHP devs would be fine too.
  • Company sponsoring: I would like to get some companies to sponsor the UG for food and drinks (and maybe a venue) to not always rely on the Metalab. If you know some people and could ask around or even want to go ahead and ask some companies directly, please do so.
Get in touch if something of the above is of interest to you or if you would like to do something else. It doesn't need to be a big commitment. Even small changes make a difference :)

I hope we can establish a group of people meeting for fun and profit. I hope to see you at the Vienna PHP Usergroup Meetup!

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