Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

In search for (CD) collectors!

I love my collection of CDs. I cannot count the times I tried a piece of software which stated to help me organize it. The software was either way to complex (I don't feel the need to save each track of each CD), not flexible enough (I would like to have some additional fields - Not only text, but also selects, checkboxes and so on) or simple crap.

And because this is of real importance for me, I am starting to build a CD collection "organizer". I don't know what direction I will take or where I'll end up, but I'm sure it'll be a very good tool. I actually started developing this a few times, but without a clear goal and everything, each of the implementation either ended up as not satisfying or didn't get to the point where it was usable.

Instead of diving into code, I'd like to do it the right way this time, first making a (short-term) plan and some ideas on how it will look like in the end, then start coding. For this to happen, I would like to talk to some people who are collecting CDs (or maybe DVDs or books) themself and who feel the pain of collector software

If you happen to be one of them and could spare 10 minutes for a skype call/email conversation, ping me either here in the comments or on twitter. Or maybe you are happy with some piece of software you are using? That would be also very interesting to hear about! It doesn't matter if you only throw me the name of the tool you are using or take some time to talk to me more in-depth about what you like or doesn't like about your tool.

Anyway, you'd help me a lot and maybe we end up building the best collector app out there together!

I'll of course keep you updated on what is happening regarding this project. I don't expect it to take of for a few more weeks, because as said, I want to do some ahead planning and thinking about what is really needed.

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