Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Tortoisegit 1.7.10 crashes constantly

After upgrading to Tortoisegit 1.7.10 I got constant crashes of Tortoisegit. Today it started crashing my explorer.exe as well. I tried the as well as the beta of msysgit 1.7.11 without success. I uninstalled tortoisegit and installed it afterwards, which also didn't help.

The thing which brought stuff back to normal was to disable the icon overlay cache. I did this using Tortoisegit Settings => Icon Overlays => Status cache: None.

It seems my overlay icons are not updating anymore, which sucks. But it's better than not being able to use Tortoisegit at all.

I can not find any way to clear the whole cache and see if this helps. If you happen to know how to do this, please leave me a comment or email me. Thanks!


Today I recieved an email from one of the Tortoisegit Core Developers. We could not track the problem down as I have no crash reports, but he pointed out that git gc might help. And it did! Running it in the repository I had problems commiting to solved the issue.

I figured that cleanup is nice to do some time, so I looked for a script. Chris Irish has one at hand:

find . -type d -name .git | while read dir; do pushd "$dir"; git gc --prune; popd; done

And for those of you that run windows (works in cygwin):

find . -type d -name .git | while read dir; do pushd "$dir"; git.cmd gc --prune; popd; done

This iterates through all folders starting with the current one and executes git gc --prune if it's the root of a git repository.

If you can reproduce this issue, make sure to get a crash report and to fill a bug report at the tortoisegit issue tracker.

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