Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Simplify digital life #1: Gmail and Thunderbird

I read a article about how to simplify digital life. And because I got much digital life, I decided to share with you the journey to a clean digital setup :)

Let's start with email, because this thing will be around for a long time and getting this "clean" can be a pain in the ass! So, here is how I did the cleaning:
First, I had to decide which email accounts to use. It was pretty clear that I'd use my gmail-account and my 2 work addresses (one for my "real" work, one for my one-man-company). And as less is more, I dumped every other account. They still exists, but I'll only check them via web interface once in a while to see if any non-spam-mails arrive me there. All my three accounts are imap so I can sync emails from everywhere not having to think about pop3 settings.

Second, I set up Thunderbird with the exactly same settings on both my PC and my Laptop to don't screw things up. Now it doesn't matter anymore where I sent my emails. I set up K9 on my Android for all three accounts too. I still think how to get the signature in there without typing it all by myself for all three accounts.

And then the real problems began: How to sync the Address Book? Well, I found zindus, which let me sync Thunderbird Address Book with the Google Mail. Even better, as my Google Mail gets synced with my Android, I got the same addresses on my Smartphone as well. I didn't figure out why I sometimes end up with double contacts, but I think I just have to play with the settings.

So now I have a pretty nice email setup! I can use all my accounts on any device, have a web interface for when non of my devices is in sight and I feel pretty much comfortable.

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