Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Server from Source #0

So, let's start this blog with a tutorial about how to set up a webserver. It is called "Server from Source" as we will start with a clean Linux Server and work our ways up to a secure and ready to use server.

So, what will happen here:
  1. Prequestions
  2. Users and SSH 
  3. FTP
  4. Apache, PHP and MySQL
  5. Git
After this, you'll have your webserver up and running, able to use git as version control and host whatever website (as far as it is written in php) you want. Please keep in mind that this is a tutorial and not a best practice guide and that some of the steps described here may or may not break your server. I did the exact steps on my server but there is a chance you might beak anything. Keep backups!

I also have to add that I'm not a server specialist, so there may be other and better ways to do certain things. It may be also possible that some of my suggestions are not secure enough to make your system secure enough to withstand every attack. As far as I'm concerned, every system with a interface isn't fully secure. The only thing one can do is to make is as secure as possible.

Here is a last suggestion: If you do this the first time, install a server into a virtual machine on your pc and play around a bit. You might lern a thing or two and if you break anything, nobody gets hurt. Tutorials on how to use a virtual machine (I suggest the VirtualBox-Software) can be found through Google.

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